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Real-Time Status Boards

To effectively deploy resources during an emergency, up-to-date information regarding the
status of various resources must be easily accessible in real-time to all emergency responders who need
the information


Emergency responders need to be assured that all available resources for responding to an emergency have been accounted for and are being deployed in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Out-of-date resource information can severely hamper emergency response since valuable resources may not get deployed where they can be the most effective. Previously, status boards were typically maintained on whiteboards, which made it difficult to share information and produced information lag time since updated information could not be immediately disseminated. Authorized OpsCenter users can immediately update the status of any managed resource and can be assured that their up-to-date status information is immediately available throughout the EOC.

Text Box: Real-Time Status Boards
Real-time resource status information is provided in an easy to read format that is available to all OpsCenter users. OpsCenter's Status Boards allow users to quickly ascertain the status of emergency response resources.


Text Box: Configurable Forms
The Administrative User has the capability to configure any of the Status Board Detail Form display names and help text to reflect your organizationís terminology.    Once the changes are made, the associated Detail Form is immediately available system wide with the updated information for all users.  There is no need for updates at each user location.
Text Box: Status Board Detail Information
A simple click of the mouse provides specific information on the selected item.







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