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Role-Focused Information

To respond effectively to an emergency, part-time emergency response staff needs to be able to concentrate primarily on the emergency information that is critical to their role in the EOC, while still having access to other information that is needed


Emergency response is a complex task that requires the management of a vast amount of information. All to often, emergency responders can quickly get “lost” in information that is unrelated to their particular emergency response role. This can make the responder inefficient and potentially delay the deployment of critical resources.  OpsCenter recognizes that "information overload" is a serious issue for emergency responders and supports the ability to assign emergency responders to pre-defined roles. These pre-defined roles allow emergency responders visibility primarily to information that is required for their particular role in the emergency, while also providing access to other information as needed. This is of particular benefit for part-time or “occasional” emergency response staff since the pre-defined roles allow them to concentrate on their responsibilities without being inundated with information from unrelated areas. OpsCenter's pre-defined roles significantly shorten the learning curve for part-time staff.

Text Box: Pre-Defined Roles
Emergency response staff can choose from a variety of their authorized pre-defined roles, a user can choose and be responsible for the duties of multiple roles during normal daily operations.   As an event escalates and more staff reports to the Operations Center, the staff member can then assume one specific duty in accordance with your staffing procedures.






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Text Box: Focused Personal Information
The information displayed when the user starts OpsCenter is reviewed by the staff member.  The information can then be updated to provide current location and contact information.  This data is immediately available on system-wide staffing reports.