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Powerful Reporting

Both during and after an emergency, emergency responders need to generate customized reports that filter out unwanted information and allow the emergency responders to easily create comprehensive reports that are focused on delivering only the specific information required


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Reports are automatically formatted based upon the types of information requested. Reports can also be e-mailed, printed or exported into powerful desktop tools like Microsoft Word for additional formatting and customization.
During an emergency, a vast amount of information is gathered regarding facilities, equipment, actions, supplies, and personnel. Both during and after an emergency, this information must be placed into reports and disseminated both inside and outside the EOC. Previously, the report generation process was a tedious exercise that not only required emergency responders to stop their emergency response activities to complete, but also was an added expense after an emergency since additional personnel time was required to filter all the information and manually generate the required reports. OpsCenter automatically maintains the information needed for reporting purposes and provides powerful editing capabilities that allow authorized users to specify and automatically generate reports with the specific content required. OpsCenter's automatic reporting significantly reduce reporting costs and allow emergency responders to stay focused on the emergency.



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The information contained in the reports can be easily filtered to eliminate unwanted data in order to provide just the specific information requested.