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Return on Investment


OpsCenter is designed to maximize response effectiveness and to provide excellent Return on Investment (ROI) for both governments and private organizations. OpsCenter's ROI includes:


Reduced Organizational Costs
Emergency Operations Center costs are minimized by virtue of OpsCenter's ability to reduce staffing requirements for emergency response operations. Due to the lack of adequate automated solutions, over half of the EOCs nationwide are currently using a manual system for managing emergencies. This approach is incredibly manpower intensive, and is an extremely costly way of managing an emergency response. OpsCenter is designed to allow a minimal staff to manage the complexity of an emergency response. Alert Technologies estimates that OpsCenter can assist EOC's in reducing their part-time staffing needs by 25% or more.


Increased Incident Response Efficiency
OpsCenter consolidates a diverse set of information regarding emergency response equipment, supplies and personnel that typically were maintained on whiteboards. Using whiteboards for incident management often increased the complexity of emergency response by making information sharing and updating difficult. OpsCenter provides access to current, real-time information, allowing for faster and more efficient incident response. Indications are that even a modest reduction in the length of a service outage can significantly reduce costs for governments and reduce costs and lost revenues for companies. Faster incident response ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction, improved property protection, reduced inventory loss, and reduced production and service outages.


Provides Clearest Possible Understanding of Situation
OpsCenter management and dissemination of up-to-date incident response information provides a perception that extends beyond the walls of the EOC and demonstrates a well-managed response to the incident. Such positive perceptions can potentially reduce or eliminate bad press, increase customer satisfaction, and potentially reduce the chances of lawsuits.


Increased Reimbursements

OpsCenter's automatic and continuous journalizing of actual task hours expended enables EOC management to submit exact man-hour totals for reimbursement. Current "Standard day" estimates, e.g., 8 hours or 10 hours per day, typically understate the actual hours spent by EOC personnel in emergency response operations, and reimbursement revenues are sacrificed.


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