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Comprehensive Journaling

Emergency responders are required to maintain a comprehensive journal of all events, actions and decisions made while responding to an emergency, yet their ability to make decisions and provide timely emergency response shouldn't be impacted by the requirements for documenting EOC activity


Text Box: Journal Status Board
The journal summary maintains an overview of the automatic and manual journal entries and can be easily sorted and filtered to create customized views based on entry dates, journal type, priorities and etc.
OpsCenter automatically captures and journals relevant events, changes, status reports, decisions made and actions taken during the course of an emergency response operation. The OpsCenter journal is designed to meet the requirements for documenting EOC activity while maintaining and enforcing the authorization levels governing dozens of duties such as resource tasking, meeting reporting requirements, and press releases. Accountability is made much easier, and the after-action reviews of EOC staff performance are facilitated. Designed to be automatic and easy to maintain and query, OpsCenter's journalizing is designed to minimize the burden that documenting response history places on the EOC.







Additional detailed information on specific journal items is available for all automatic and manual journal entries.




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