Automated Damage Assessment

Emergency responders are required to capture and report on damages caused by a given incident. This effort involves capturing a tremendous amount of information quickly, organizing it into a number of standard categories and metrics, and generating detailed reports to forward to State and Federal agencies. In the best of times this is a challenging information management task, in the fast-paced environment of an emergency response, it becomes virtually impossible.

OpsCenter™ is specifically designed to facilitate the rapid capture, organization and reporting of damages caused by an incident. The system provides easy to use input forms to allow non-technical personnel to enter damage information. The system also provides detailed reports that a non-technical user can generate with a single mouse click. The reports automatically perform all of the calculations needed to generate the summary information that must be submitted to State and Federal Agencies. This avoids the need for humans under duress to have to perform difficult calculations quickly, which can be error-prone.

The Damage Assessment functionality is sufficiently easy to use that a new user can learn how to manage Damage Assessment information in fifteen minutes!

Input Forms

There are two key input forms used to capture damage assessment information. One of the forms is designed to capture information about how the incident is affecting a jurisdiction as a whole. This includes information about the number of people evacuated, population figures and participation amounts. The second input form is used to capture information about a particular damage. This form captures the name of the damaged entity, the type of entity, the extent of the damage and the other information necessary to complete State and Federal Damage Assessment reports.

The input forms are designed to guide an infrequent user of the system through the types of questions they should ask when collecting damage information. This facilitates collecting as much information as possible when damages are initially reported. The input forms use dropdown boxes for those pieces of information that only have certain acceptable values. This insures the damage information is entered in such a fashion that it can be properly categorized for reporting purposes.

Here is an example of the top of the Damages form:


Each damage that has been entered into OpsCenter is reflected on the Damages Status Board. This allows an organization to see real-time status of the number and types of damages that have been reported. The Status Board automatically updates to ensure the response staff is viewing the latest information. Furthermore, the Status Board may be sorted, filtered, or exported to Microsoft Excel® to allow the response staff to perform analysis on the information.

Damage Assessment Reports

The system includes a compliment of reports to allow the damage assessment information to be summarized and formatted quickly. These reports are generated by simply selecting the incident and jurisdiction and clicking the Generate Report button. While is takes emergency management experience to understand how the contents of a report may impact a response effort, it does not take any particular knowledge or experience to generate a report.

Some specific examples of the types of Damage Assessment reports in OpsCenter include:

Type of Report


State Damage Assessment Report

This report is designed to reflect the format and content of the report required by your State. Please check with Alert to determine if you’re State has agreed to accept this report directly out of OpsCenter.

Summary Damage Assessment Report

The purpose of this report is to provide a high-level summary of Damages. It is designed to reflect as much information as possible on a single sheet of paper. It is suitable for distribution to those individuals that only need a high-level understanding of damages.

Detailed Damages Report

This report includes all of the details that are available regarding Damages. It provides every bit of information that has been capture about damages to a particular jurisdiction by a particular incident in an organized format.

Damages Mailing Labels

This report provides the address information for all of the damages in a format that is suitable for using with Microsoft Word’s® Mail Merge. This allows an emergency management organization to conveniently generate mailings to damaged entities.

The Damage Assessment reports, like all reports within OpsCenter, can be exported to Microsoft Word with a single mouse click. This allows an organization to further tailor the Damage Assessment reports to meet their unique needs.

The image below depicts a portion of OpsCenter’s Summary Damage Assessment report.


Please contact Alert Technologies for additional information on how OpsCenter can facilitate faster and more accurate Damage Assessment and Reporting.