OpsCenter ™ - Automates the Response to Business Disruptions

The Problem

Corporations face a variety of threats to their continuous operations. These threats may be related to virtually any area of the corporation. For example, system outages, computer viruses, and hacking are related to Information Technology (IT), power outages, fires, and weather damage are related to Facilities and workplace violence, strikes, and industrial accidents are related to Human Relation (HR). These threats, and a multitude of others, have the potential to disrupt key business functions and cause substantial damage to the corporation.


In most corporations the individual departments, like IT or HR, have a means to respond to threats within their own area. However, most corporations do not have an effective means for departments to work together in response to an emergency.  There is not a means to quickly share information, communicate, and employ corporate-wide response plans. This results in key areas of the company, like Executive Management, Public Relations, and Customer Relations not having the information they need. This, in turn, results in a poorly managed response, unhappy customers, damage to brand equity, and loss of shareholder value.

The Solution

OpsCenter™ is an Enterprise Software application that is specifically designed to support effective enterprise-wide response to business disruptions. The system provides a means to share critical information in real-time, effectively direct and control responding resources, and maintain and track the implementation of corporate-wide response plans. OpsCenter’s easy to use functionality allows infrequent users of the system to be immediately effective.


OpsCenter is designed to work across organizational boundaries. For example, if a facility is impacted by an emergency, the facilities personnel can track its status and what actions are taking place to recover it. The IT personnel can tell what hosts were in the facility, what infrastructure software or applications are dependant on those hosts, and what actions are taking place to recover them. Executive Management can see what business functions are dependent on the facility or IT systems that were impacted and what actions are taking place to insure the continuity of those business functions. Finally, the public relations personnel will have high-level, up to the minute information about what is happening in order to effectively manage communications.


About Alert Technologies Corporation

Alert Technologies Corporation, located in Pleasanton, CA, was founded in 1997. Alert is solely focused on developing, marketing, and supporting enterprise applications for managing emergencies. In addition to developing and marketing OpsCenter, Alert provides experienced capable professional services personnel to ensure that new customers are successful with the system.


For more information please contact Jim Paulson at 925. 461-5934 X-15 or visit our web site at http://www.alerttech.com.